SNAP 2019

This is a recording of my presentation at the SNAP (Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests) Conference last weekend. Speaking before an audience of survivors was both an incredible gift and an immense responsibility. I asked Jesus to help me put into words what is in my heart. My thanks to the SNAP leadership team for inviting me and offering me a chance to speak to a room full of my heroes. And thank you, Jesus, for giving me the words.

Special shout out to Stephanie McIntyre, whose abuser I mention by name during this presentation, and to Michael Whalen, who will forever be the person I think of when I say “Buffalo survivor.” My life changed forever when he came forward last March and I began to hear the voices of so many survivors soon thereafter. Those voices and the harrowing stories they told will never leave me. I will always be grateful for the survivors’ strength and the grace of God.

Photo credit to Trish Hill

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