Wealth Speaking to Power


The Bishop’s public calendar for this week is quite interesting. Yesterday, he met with the “Independent” Review Board. Wonder what “independent” decisions they’ll be publishing soon.

Today at 1 pm, Bishop Malone is scheduled to meet with the Joint Implementation Team that he created as a bridge between the Movement to Restore Trust (MRT – click for their website) and the Diocese. I am fervently praying that the JIT members will have the strength to forego any joint implementing in favor of demanding Bishop Malone’s resignation.

JIT group phoot

But just look at this JIT group photo! You’ve got Msgr. LiPuma there on the far left – a priest secretary to THREE bishops who DID and SAID NOTHING for decades. Then there’s Fr. Peter Karalus and Sr. Regina Murphy, who are members of the Bishop’s Senior Staff and were well aware of the Nowak situation and DID NOTHING. John and Maureen Hurley are there – will they value influence and power over truth and justice? This week we will learn their final answer to that vital question.

At 4:30 pm on Thursday, the Bishop will gather with his Council for the Laity – a group of influential, wealthy Catholics including such well known names as Don Postles and Terry Connors. (Yes, you read that right – Terry Connors is on the BCL.) Will these folks be cheerleaders for the Bishop or will they finally take a stand?

Bishop Malone listens to influential, wealthy people MUCH more than he does ordinary Catholics. He doesn’t listen to anybody, really, but certainly not the likes of us. If someone is prestigious, powerful or prosperous, he will at least listen to them and might be influenced by them. Let us pray for all of these men and women that they might act with faithful fortitude and demand the Bishop’s resignation. 

Please God, help these people to use their power for good!

5 thoughts on “Wealth Speaking to Power

  • To Siobhan of Buffalo,
    Four months ago, for the first time, I heard of MRT. The first thing that caught my attention was the tag that MRT members labeled themselves “Independent Catholic Organization”, how misleading that was! Everyone knows that NO CATHOLIC GROUP IS INDEPENDENT, to be Catholic means to be dependent on Church Teachings and Doctrine. Period! At every “Listening Sessions” that I have attended (3 of those), it was my privilege to inform the attendees of this very fact. Thank you Siobhan for making my point clear.
    Today we all witness the formal installation of the Buffalo Sanhedrin, no longer to be known as the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Saint Michael the Archangel come to our defense.
    One final question= How can MRT be an honest broker in the priestly abuse and victim cases, when they are in the Bishop’s service? Is not that collusion, or conflict of interests?


  • Siobhan, get over it and move on. You’ve made your point, now stop harassing. Or do you have nothing else to talk about? Does not Christ say ” forgive 70 times 7″ ? We have other major problems in this country that we need church guidance on and I’m waiting to hear it but this constant drone on past abuse ( the rest of it is, sorry to say, adult to adult intereactions that need to be addressed by the the adults involved – it may be inappropriate but not necessarily criminal ). I’m satisfied there are now guidelines and rules in place to handle issues of a sexual nature. There are people dying, starving, abused in other ways, and you’re still stuck on this. Move on! You really think a new Bishop will be necessarily better, purer, etc.? He might be worse. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. In your own published documents it was indicated that Malone sent info on all the latest stuff to the Vatican. What more can you ask for? Go work for the National Baptist Association as they have as big a problem as we had but, gosh, it really hasn’t got much press. I guess their members are more loyal.


    • Just like you said “You really think a new Bishop will be necessarily better, purer, etc.?”
      NO, because 99% of USCCB Bishops are from the same mold as Malone.
      But we must wait and see (benefit of the doubt) and we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


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